Massive/Micro Sense­mak­ing: Towards Post-Pan­dem­ic Futures | Mary Eliz­a­beth Luka, Annette N Markham, Dan Harris

A Patch­work­ing Process: Com­ing Togeth­er under Pan­dem­ic Con­di­tions for Col­lab­o­ra­tive, Car­ing Schol­ar­ship | Rebec­ca Carl­son, Poli­na Golováti­na-Mora, Corin­na Peterken, Kim Snep­vangers, Anne Soro­nen, Karoli­ina Talvitie-Lamberg

Inter­lude I

Walk­ing, Stay­ing In, and Mak­ing Sense: Quilt­ing with Pan­dem­ic Mat­ter | Corin­na Peterken

Ren­der­ing Self and Microa­gres­sions Vis­i­ble Through the Shad­ow Image | Kim Snepvangers

Mak­ing Sense of Noise – A Sym­pho­ny for Voic­es | Mary-Rose McLaren

Resilience in Pan­dem­ic Sense­mak­ing: Think­ing Through a Com­mu­ni­ty of Prac­tice | Mary Eliz­a­beth Luka

Inter­lude II

(Imag­in­ing) Sci­ence for Trou­bled Times: A Mouse, a Bird, and a Thresh­old for Col­lab­o­ra­tion | Rebec­ca Carlson

The Noti­fic­tion: How Push Noti­fi­ca­tions from Neigh­bour­hood Sur­veil­lance Apps Can Cre­ate an Alter­na­tive Nar­ra­tive of Place | Andy Fis­ch­er Wright

‘Self­ies’ Under Quar­an­tine: Explor­ing Net­worked Emo­tions in the Time of ‘Social Dis­tanc­ing’ | Donatel­la Del­la Ratta

Mak­ing Sense of What We Can’t See: A Visu­al Ret­ro­spec­tive of COVID-19 | Annette N Markham

Inter­lude III

Un/thinking with Thread/s: Needling Through Bound­aries Relat­ed to COVID-19 and Med­ical Train­ing | Veron­i­ca Mitchell

Lis­ten­ing to and Liv­ing With Net­worked Media Dur­ing a Pan­dem­ic | Anna Soro­nen, Karoli­ina Talvitie-Lamberg

Skip­ping on the Grains of Mul­ti­vers­es Towards a Por­tal: World-Build­ing Expe­ri­ence | Poli­na Golovátina-Mora

Standalone article

Satoh's Dance of Angels as a Dra­matur­gi­cal Dis­course Seek­ing and Doubt­ing the Young Generation’s Rev­o­lu­tion | Darko Suvin

Con­trib­u­tor bios

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